The Power of Resting Bitch Face

Resting Bitch Face is in order in the street and on the subway. I hate being told to smile like I’m some kind of doll. If you want to see a smile go look in the mirror and smile at yourself. I owe you nothing because I’m not your friend.

The walk from my apartment in Washington Heights to my junior high school was no longer than 15 minutes. Yet, every morning I would have to go to the building across from me and wait for this tardy girl so that I could walk to school with her. I don’t remember having any conversations with her, because we were completely different people. I hung out with the skaters and she hung out with the hood rats. All I remember is that her apartment smelled of vapor rub, old magazines and slow death.

Fun fact: From the age of 25 the number of newly formed cells in your body is less than the number of cells that die and every year the dissimilarity grows (much like the economic disparity in America). No need to fret, just start a revolution and moisturize… #themoreyouknow

Anyhow, I kept telling my parents how insufferable this…

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7 thoughts on “The Power of Resting Bitch Face

  1. Well written and I know EXACTLY what you mean. I am naturally smiley, but my daughter and friends say I have this other look that I can manufacture in three seconds when someone insists I smile on cue when I’m not feeling it. Think of the General Okoye in Black Panther. LOL.

  2. Ya, I hate being asked why I’m angry when my face is just not showing any emotion. It just sit there not impressing, not faking, not showing off. LOL. I’ll remember that one next time…Go look in a mirror and smile at yourself. Don’t see me saying that tho…Lol

    1. Now that I’m older I don’t have to listen to nonsense from men. I feel for the younger women but most of them are pretty tough. As for me after nearly six decades on the earth anything and everything might come out of my mouth. Less filters.

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