Can’t Touch This

Can’t Touch This


At the end of this blog post is a true life incident that happened to me earlier today.  Another #MeToo incident.  May contain triggers but it will also explain why I keep my distance from people and I don’t trust anyone.

My Theme song for the outstretched arms people who besieged Loners and Solitary both Left and Right

Feel the need to envelop you in folds of sweaty germ laden flesh. Suffocating you in the name or dimensions of comfort. Theirs not yours.

Smiling Bitch Face

She Likened them to the demands of strange men who expect Kewpie Barbie Stepford Wives fake painted on smiles

Well brother She bequeath to you and all smile obessed males…..Resting Bitch Face.

Works well on a subway, bus or street near you.

Resting Bitch Face

She projectile vomit your antiquarian views across the floor.

Got my Mind Right No dumbing down for your pitiful expectations.

In the meantime go rent yourself a plastic sex doll with the gaping maw that won’t quit. Heard that there’s a Twilight version made just for you complete with razor sharp canines.


True Experience

Reasons why I don’t trust people, ask for help and why I remain cynical and jaded.

Via is a car service similar to Lyft and Uber

The Via driver kept asking me for my phone number because he wanted to date me.  I’m 59. He is 37.  Plus you are not supposed to be propositioning your riders.  The entire conversation was wrong but when you are a woman alone in a car with a man you learn to placate them because Men can be and are violent.  Plus I just wanted to get home in one piece.

I decided to report the Via driver. He was unprofessional. I also asked for a refund. You’d think in this age of #MeToo men would stop their bad behavior but nothing stops males. It’s like they are on a mission to conquer women or add them as a notch on their belt.

I began taking car services for safety and health reasons. It has become very difficult for me to climb up and down subway stairs. However at this point I may as well take my chances of tripping and falling on the subway steps as opposed to crazy Via drivers asking me for a date.

Women aren’t safe anywhere in America or at any time. No matter what precautions we take it always backfires. At least for me anyway.


Via gave me a $10 credit. I won’t use it. They can keep their credit. Thinking of deleting the App on my phone. Why is it that when Ladies take precautions for safety that it backfires? There needs to be a car service run by and only for women. Maybe that would be better.

Guys you give yourselves bad reputations. Mothers Please teach your sons better because women can be just as much at fault as men. Where do guys get these stupid ideas that it’s okay to see women as sex objects? It can just be from male relatives. A lot of this mess comes from their Mothers!

Via refunded my money! Hooray! I’m happy for that but sad that men still proposition Women for dates aka sex. At my age I don’t give out my number to some guy I don’t know. I’m neither desperate or “dick crazy.” Plus at nearly age 60 I’m too old for nonsense!

I’m looking forward to retirement.

11 thoughts on “Can’t Touch This

  1. When I saw the song by Hammer, I smiled, thinking this was a happy post.

    I am so sorry this happened to you. I always fear for my wife who has to use these drivers to get about the city. As you stated, you would think that in these times of MeToo men would be too friightened to cross lines.

    1. Sadly real life is not happy. We live in a violent world. The subway is bad and no matter what I do to improve my situation something horrible always happens. Life is tragic and depressing. I have go through this hell until next year. I lost my faith in people long ago.

  2. That’s just sad. Unfortunately, it happens too often and women can never be safe or feel safe. And you’re right, respect for women begins at home. And again, sometimes fathers or other males can influence young men negatively. And peers and friends influence. Mama can’t do it alone. We need change.

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