Happy 88th Birthday in Heaven Daddy


If You Really Love Someone you Never “Get Over it. Or Move On.” Like some people tell you to do. I guess they expect you to forget even though a major portion of your life is now gone.  That’s like telling somebody who loses arms or legs that they should accept the fact that they are missing limbs. You may adjust but you will always remember what you once had.

Grief and sorrow last forever. That’s how I feel about my Dad. He was a Provider, Protector and someone I could rely on. I could go to my Dad for advice and comfort. Losing him was a support system now gone. No one and nothing can ever take his place. Every day reminds me that he is no longer here and I will never again hear his voice. An emptiness at those end of year holidays that everyone else celebrates but are no longer available for me.

It’s an ache and a pain that never goes away.  It’s a disconnect from the world as you once knew it because that world, that Happiness and that Joy will never return on this earth again.  However one day we will be reunited once more and things will be as they should be.

Edward Gordon Palmer ~~  February 11th 1930 to May 13th, 1995.









18 thoughts on “Happy 88th Birthday in Heaven Daddy

  1. What wonderful pictures … I feel your pain and I also completely understand how you feel. I’ve lost my parents so I know that intense feeling of agony that never seems to fade. Give it time. Of course it won’t ever go, but it becomes less of a dagger in your heart and something more akin to needles. That’s what I’ve found. I really hope that it eases for you, sending you big hugs 💙💙

    1. Daddy died in 1995. Mommy in 1998. Over 20 years have passed and I still miss my parents and it’s still painful. I will feel the grief and sorrow forever. Nothing is the same without them.

      1. Oh you poor darling …. I so wish I could help you. I do hope that you have friends and other family members who understand and who you can talk to?? Big hugs to you, all the way from Scotland. 💙💙

      2. No. It’s only my brother Stephen and me. Stephen has Autism so I take care of him. I’ve been estranged from my cousins for years. All my immediate family members have passed away.
        I’m a Loner not a talker. Normally I keep my distance from people and keep my feelings to myself.

      3. Well for what it’s worth, I think you’re amazing. You’ve been tested within an inch of your life and yet you are devoting your life to your brother. How proud you must be of that. You are my super hero 🌼🌼💙💙

  2. A wonderful tribute! You look like him. My dad would have been 97 on February 1st. No, it’s something you never get over, but you’re not supposed to. If so, you would have nothing to look forward to.

      1. Trials either make one hard and immovable, or soft and humble. When I face my Lord, I hope to be found in the latter category. I hope that losing my children and my parents will not have been a lesson taught in vain. Thank you for saying what you did. You have had a hard life, as well. We are kindred spirits.

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