Giles and Niles Poetry Brothel



Giles and Niles Poetry Brothel


Where the Aliens communicate with you via your headphones, headset or ear buds.  That’s not the heating system turning on that’s the spaceships from Mars and Venus landing on Earth.

Calm pebbles on a lonely beach.  The precursor to walking out a 10th Floor Window.

Rollicking Rivers have been testaments to many a debauchery.

A Vortex of Sex and Drudgery created by a fracture.  A fracture of faith, morals and betrayal.

Soon the curtain will drop on the Clown Prince of Gigolos











2 thoughts on “Giles and Niles Poetry Brothel

  1. Absolutely right, everywhere we seem to look life has got a seamy tinge to it. Pleasant conversation and behaviour has been thrown out the window. Nowhere is sacred any more. So much pretense, like the world has gone crazy.

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