Abandoned ~~ Unwanted | Tossed aside

When you own nothing, you are nothing.

Just piles of clothes. Discarded furniture and hurriedly packing to beat the City Marshals lock on your front door.

Belongings helter skelter across 3 1/2 rooms. Rooms that no longer belong to you because rent unpaid.

One tends to lose people and things unexpectedly.

1st Dad died. Then Mom.  Pieces of Me were lost along the way.

The Little Cleaning Woman me took one look at the fake Christmas tree and ornaments then proclaimed, Into the Trash with that Shit! There are no more celebrations for people like you. People always in transition. Always in flux.  When you were forcibly transitioned out of your American Dream job then your life became the American Nightmare.

I am an Anachronism to my time. 


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