Happy Stories 

People like Happy Stories.

Fake. Phoney and Make Believe are the order of the day.  Hocus Pocus

Eyes 1/4 Open. 3/4 Closed.

Pollyanna and Rebecca of Sunnybrook farm are it’s painted on smile leaders.


As for me I break bread with my demons and we sup together. Over the years they have become my closest friends and allies because they remind me of what is real.

That you can never escape from the past no matter how fast or where you run. The past always catches up to you letting you know that you will never be released from its thorny grip.

Does the past have a place to return? Will it be cast into a herd of swine? No. It can only return to whence it came. You.

Nearly everyday a long drawn out Struggle.

Despair becomes the norm.
So make peace with the darkness for unlike friends and family it will always be there.

For you.

Life is a Fantasy waiting to end. Rebirth? Who knows?

Not all stories have happy endings and storms rarely do.
I see the lynchings, floggings, whippings, beatings, drowning, and rapes as though it were yesterday. Because it always is Yesterday.


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