New York State Paid Family Leave | The State of New York

January 29th 2016 I attended the Paid Family leave Rally. Now Paid Family leave is a reality for New Yorkers.

Some of you may be wondering if I will be able to use the Paid Family Leave Law to care for Stephen. Sadly the answers is No.

Sadly the Federal FMLA Laws currently on the books exclude siblings. That’s right!  Siblings are not considered family under the Family Leave Laws. If I was my brother Stephen’s legal guardian then it might be approved. I cannot afford to hire a Guardianship Lawyer so that’s the end of that story.
Another factor is that new Laws normally need to be negotiated into future Union contracts.  The next contract for Union Museum Employees is the year 2020 long after my retirement so it makes no sense for me to put myself through the Human Resources purgatory.  For those of you Not familiar with American Human Resources departments within companies whether For Profit or Non Profit, H.R. is only there to protect the company not the employees. “Nuff Said!
However the good we do in this life is most often not for us for but future generations.