8 thoughts on “Watch “Reiki to Reduce My Stress & Depression” on YouTube

  1. I love Buddhas and Buddhism speaks a lot to me. Whenever I am in California I visit a Buddhistic Temple and stay in there for about an hour meditating. It is amazing!

    1. I got more into Buddhism after my Japanese girlfriend joined the museum in 2012. She told me about her particular Buddhist denomination which is called Shinnyo-en Buddhism which I explored in several visit then decided to become a member August 2012. Even though Buddhism is recognized as a religion I see it more as a philosophy as I was raised as a Christian. However my Japanese girlfriend explained to me that in Buddhism there is no pressure on people to convert and you can maintain the faith you were born into. In the Shinnyo-en Temple I have met Jewish and Muslim followers. My girlfriend told me that Shinnyo-en is where Buddha and Jesus shake hands. Actually I’ve seen many similarities between Christianity and Buddhism. Same values, principles and morals. Because of my crazy work schedule I no longer go to the Temple as frequently as before but I try to get there when I am able.

      1. Yes, I see it the same way. It is a religion but to me it appears like a state of being and attitude to live by. I love what you wrote about Shinnyoen. I would love to be educated in Buddhistic teachings more. I hope one day I can take a time-out and stay in a Buddhistic monastery for some months.

      2. I’ve gone on Holistic and Christian Retreats. Those were spiritually refreshing. The Buddhist monastery sounds like a plan but wouldn’t that be difficult for you since you are married with children??? Would your husband agree to you being away for so long??

      3. Yes, that is exactly the problem. Although the youngest one is almost 15 I don’t want to leave him alone for so long. That’s why it is still a point on my bucket list. It doesn’t matter what my husband says since we are separated… lol!

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