Of Love and Goodbyes 

This is true. I miss my parents every day. Life is not the same without Mom and Dad. The hurt and emptiness never goes away.

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A nicer way to say, “You never know what you have until you lose it.” 

Have a peaceful and relaxing weekend. 


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10 thoughts on “Of Love and Goodbyes 

  1. Though it may be ‘obvious’ that someone should miss their parents when they are gone, it is never enough to assume, sometimes we need to be reminded by reading the very feelings on a page, so we can know, and be aware, of the power and endurance of love and how without someone, you always, always miss them.

      1. I want to send you my love and my support and most of all my belief in YOU my lovely friend to be in this world and by being in this world, pollinate it with your goodness. I know that your existence is a gift. Your heart bigger than others. Your family loves you even if they are not standing there with you, they are always with you, within you, still shaping the world through you and proud of you as I am. BIG hug my friend.

      2. I’d rather my parents were here with me. As for my contributions to the world I don’t have much to offer this world. I don’t think of my existence as a gift. Walking through the cemetery those people also existed at one point but now they are gone and forgotten as people will forget me when I die.

      3. I wish your parents were with you also. I think you have a lot to offer this world. Respectfully I disagree about that, but you are right, existence may not be a gift, or feel like one. I don’t think love dies so I don’t think we are entirely forgotten, but remembered by those who loved us. Sorry if I come across as wrong-headed here, I really just wanted to say I really understood on some levels that loss never goes away and love remains despite loss.

      4. I appreciate your kindness, consideration and understanding. I’m going through an especially stressful time at my job and I wish my parents were here for comfort. I wish I could hug them. I wish they were here so I could pour out my heart. Troubles did not seem so bad when they were here. I’m really struggling and there seems to be no end to my workplace problems. Retirement can’t get here soon enough. I’m glad that you read my blog. Always happy to hear from you! ❤

      5. I’ll always be here and I care. Please know that. I’m so sorry about the workplace problems and I know that makes us miss those who are not with us even more. Please hang on and I pray some of the hard times pass for you my friend. I care and you matter – big hug to you from me.

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