The Legacy Called Obama

Forever 44! ♡
President Obama and FLOTUS Mrs. Obama.
Thanks for everything. My heroes! ☆♡♡♡♡

She is Terri Linton

From the moment I awoke, angst wrapped itself around me.  This was the day I, and countless people around the world, never wanted to see. This was the day Barack and Michelle Obama would bid our country farewell as President and First Lady. 

My emotions were scattered.  In one moment, I felt a hollowness similar to when I lose a loved one.  In another, the now familiar sense of despair about what will become of this country without President Obama’s leadership.  Then in the next, a gripping sadness that the golden era of Obama was now over.  But it was not until I saw the status update of a Facebook friend that I was able to aptly characterize my feelings.  She said that the departure of the Obamas felt like a bad break up.  That is exactly what it felt like.  My…

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