10 thoughts on “Speechless – Furious – Upset

    1. Thanks! I am glad you are on our side. I really appreciate your reading my blog posts and the ReBlogs from other individuals blogs that I share from time to time. This particular Reblog is another voice that needs to be heard. Much gratitude in my heart for you!! ❤

  1. bjsscribbles

    Evil in this day an age is really a shame, we could be such a peaceful world. News of your country is all over our world down under. We are all saddened. I will try keep up.

      1. bjsscribbles

        I am listening to the news here at the moment. People with dual citizen ship Australia/American are allowed to travel to USA. We are all trying to get our head around it all. Look up Senator Pauline Hanson she is our version of Donald Trump. She is stirring trouble here.

      2. Yes I had heard rumblings of that person causing potential troubles in Australia. Whatever she says don’t let her get power or authority. As you can see here in the USA is total chaos. My Muslim friends and co-workers are afraid. However people are rising up and it’s about to be like Les Miserables in America. I have been calling my Congressman and emailing one of my Senators about this horrible Muslim ban. Jesus would never approve of racism, bigotry or discrimination based on religion. Now we in the Unites States must be like Martin Luther King, Jr. It is like the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s all over again! Pray for us.

      3. bjsscribbles

        I didn’t vote for her in the last election, people are wanting change here as well. I hope it goes the right way, which ever way that is. Wow I remember the Civil Rights movement when I was growing up and in school.. Now I am showing my age:) Yes I will continue to pray for you

      4. Amen! Change in and of itself is good but you must watch and examine politicians/leaders carefully. As the saying goes, A Leopard does not change it’s spots. And when people tell you who they are believe them. Also actions speak louder than words. Watch how they treat Veterans, the Disabled,the poor and people of different races and religions. That says a lot right there. God Bless you!! I am Thankful for you!! ❤

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