Getting a Muslim Tattoo…

Everyone Please Support Our Muslim Sisters and Brothers!!

My Spiritual Interpretations

About the Muslim registration. So far it’s only in the countries listed as enemies of the state dealing with the wars in the Middle East, but if they start this registration in America…

I will be glad to get this tattooed on my arm right before they try to give me a “camp” number.

I can’t wait to display my absolute devotion to God as a Muslim, and to give them the message they can never suppress my spirit or soul…it already belongs to Allah/God. I know the truth, that they conceal through their evil plots. Good always triumphs in the End.
I love God as a humble submitter to Him, and I am not afraid to show it.

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7 thoughts on “Getting a Muslim Tattoo…

    1. Let’s hope not. It happened in Nazi Germany and Dhrump is another Hitler so it may happen. I would not put anything past our racist bigoted Congress and Senate. So many of my Muslim Co-workers and friends are afraid for their lives. They have asked me to pray for them. Every time I see a Hijabi Sister I always smile and wish her a good day. They are targets. As an African-American I know what it is to be a target. I know what it is to be attacked because I’m the “wrong color.” I am praying for my Muslim friends and ALL Muslims. I will not abandon any of my Muslim buddies. We stand together United come what may!

      1. I have Muslim friends, I have gay friends they are all terrified right now.
        One of my best friend is African American and gay, he calls it the double-whammy.

        I dislike Trump and his politics. I don’t believe in racism.

        I don’t believe in any God, so praying won’t be an option. But I will speak out and I will speak up and stand up for the right thing any time. Don’t forget the ones who voted against him are the majority.

      2. I agree with you and am Thankful for your feedback. I was also thinking back to WWII when the U.S. government placed all Japanese Americans in Interment Camps. Sulu of Star Trek was forced into one. All their property and belongings were confiscated. Now we were also at war with Nazi Germany but German Americans did not suffer this indignity. In this country if you’re the wrong race, religion or sexual orientation it is like you’re singled out for torture. I too will continue to speak up and use the power of the pen. I will continue to use my blog as a platform for justice. Many Thanks to you!!

      1. This just goes on to show, how beautifully you have imbibed the true essence of Christianity! This is what Jesus peace be upon him really taught all of us.

        He lead a life, that stands testimony to time, where his heart prayed for his friends and foes alike.

        I’m very sure, he’d be very proud of you! God bless you dear friend.

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