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In my weakness there is power. I am a Force to contend with. I will still be here after 1000 Goodbyes are said, after the brown earth is deposited on my lifeless form. After the Roses have lost their bloom yet serve as life giving compost for Natures scavenger beings.

Poetess. Priestess and Village Seer. Smell the mint eucalyptus wafting from her hair. Residing in Nocturnal Hibernation waiting for my soul set itself Free.  There is no present here. Climb along the fettered paths. Clashing symbols.  Rattling tin horns. Stretching.  Bending. Circumventing obstacle pathways. Zany Frenzies beat out twin rhythms.  Come out from the Woodshed into Dwellings not made with human hands. I am just a Mystic wandering endless throughout strange and beautiful lands.

Zenith to Nadir. Living becomes an exercise in Film Noir where crackling puzzle pieces formless blobs seeking unity. When I can no longer stand poesy and pictures come along side of me holding up my arms watching the enemies defeat. O’ this quizzical paradigm called Life  Baptist my Words Great Goddess and allow me to find sanctuary within. Add to me synergy synapses via mind space. Words on scrolls. Symbols on stones. Graphed into eternal records. Cracked glass. Spider arteries. Still mirrors my fun-house reflection.

I’m Still Here. Like the Sun and the Moon no matter what may befall me with the help of Friends and God I can weather the storm. I am Resilient!!!


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