6 thoughts on ““Older Women Are Lovely Too …”

  1. LOL – we women are considered “old” when we reach 26 (or 30 – depends on the era), so forgive me for partially disagreeing! Even if we don’t show our age, we’re called “old” if we’re not desperate attention-seekers all trashed out in trampy gear. I always thought that we could be sexy without being slutty, but the internet and those addicted to it disagree with me, apparently!

    1. I had thought that the cut off age was 40 as you rarely see women models or actresses beyond this age in the media, on TV,or magazines. Except in those old fogey matronly roles.
      Personally I still feel I can be sexy and sensual without being slutty or looking desperate. My best assets are my legs so I capitalize on my gams.
      I’ve kept myself in good condition. Also I believe women need to leave some mystery not expose the goodies.

      1. Ah – I was going on real-life standards, not TV standards! In real life, women are called “old” when we hit 30 – 35, from what I see.

        And yes…I always think we should leave some mystery. If the goodies are all hanging out for everyone to see, then it seems that they’re not worth much – but, guys will “hit” anything, even sloppy seventy-seconds!

      2. True. Real Life standards. For my generation 30s were old in terms of finding a husband and having children. You made some good points.
        There are men who appreciate the sultry older woman. I wear my hair natural and rarely wear makeup except sometimes lipstick and many Brothers have given me polite good manners compliments as I walk along especially in the summer and fall. Not all are dogs or wolves.

    1. I think the author was approaching the subject from a social and cultural standpoint. For example men in my age group Baby Boomers only want to date or have relationship with women young enough to be their daughters or granddaughters.
      I knew a guy who was nearly 60 who demanded that his women be young, firm and supple even though his own body was a train wreck. See the double standard. No matter how pretty I think I am society will continue to write off women over age fifty.

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