Crappy Commute



I’m enjoying my new job position with new duties/responsibilities and opportunities to gain my security skills however my night-time homeward bound commute is fast becoming a new level in Dante’s Inferno!!

Mayor Bill de Blasio!! You are about to be a one-term Mayor because the subway trains are filled with the mentally ill homeless. Homelessness is New York City’s #1 problem with the MTA’s poor service a close 2nd. Coming from 77th Street in Manhattan going to Broadway Junction in Brooklyn should not take more than 45 minutes at any time of the day or night. Traveling from Manhattan to Brooklyn should never be an hour and a half trip. Speed up the service. Increase the frequency of the trains. Put Transit Police on all the subway trains! Most of all Please house and provide services/programs these poor unfortunates who have no other choice in this bitter cold weather than to camp out in the trains!!!

Tales from the Gross Side

I’m also tired of riding the Vomitus Express. I don’t know whether it is just the holiday season, people riding the trains have addiction problems or they are all three sheets to the wind but every night no matter whether I get on the first or middle cars somebody has decided to live in Barf City. To My Fellow NYers if you can’t hold your liquor please STOP Drinking and/or getting high riding the subways!! The rest of us are tired of stepping over and trying to avoid upchuck land!!  Last week on the A train this guy was covered Barf. He did not move so I don’t know if he was just passed out or dead. Either way I let the Transit people deal with the mess. Here’s an idea for two new dolls for the holiday season: UpChucky and Toss My Cookies Tillie!!

Lucky for me I’m not squeamish. Over the years as a Museum Security Officer I’ve seen some of the visiting public/tourists do every body function known to mankind in a public space. Museums are located in rich wealthy neighborhoods so the bulk of the visitors are well heeled but not well-behaved.  The Upper-Crust of society can no more control the lower body functions than their brains or tongue. Trust fund babies in every sense of the word.  At least the poor mentally disturbed people riding the trains have an excuse. They are sick, have multiple disabilities, homeless, hungry and nobody to help them. I still wonder what is the excuse of people who have more money than God!!

On that note I can truly say that other than having to ride the crazy subway at night I Love and truly enjoy working the Late shift. I’ve found a camaraderie in this new building that I have not had in the previous eight years. I’m extremely happy to work in such a wonderful environment.


I have more subway adventures that I will share in my persona of the Raunchy Rambler. The next train tale will be the Hapless Hermaphrodite!! Stay Tuned!!


17 thoughts on “Crappy Commute

  1. Oh my, you are really challenged in NYC!!! I am glad you are so happy in your new job position! Regarding the upper class…. those are so often the worst….

      1. I Love New York. It is my birthplace and my hometown but I do think City and State government could do much better by their citizens. Despite the challenges I’m still delighted to be a part of the Big Apple!!

      2. It must be something very special to call this part of the world your home! It is an amazing place!!! I have been intrigued by Manhattan even before I visited for the first time when I was 15.

      3. Except for the transportation problems and the bad winter weather I Love pretty much all aspects of New York. Today it snowed but Thank goodness I don’t have to work today so I will be sleeping in. Snow is bad news for my arthritic joints. However the white stuff is nice to look at from my window. LOL!!

      4. Oh I’ll go out otherwise I won’t eat! However at my age I have to be careful because many people don’t shovel, then the snow turns to ice then falls occur. Over the last several years many of my female co-workers over 50 have fallen and broken bones which because of age do not knit together properly. At least one retired. Snow is not fun after a certain age and I don’t want to fall. I need to work so I can support myself. Going out on disability is an entrance to poverty. Winter can be very dangerous with snow, ice and accidents.

      5. Yes! So true! Shoveled snow in front of my walkway and sidewalk. My landlord and room-mate are both men but No they have not shoveled nor put salt down!! That stuff is gonna turn to black ice later in the day. But I’m not the one who will get sued if somebody falls. I purchased a small bag of snow melt and sent them a text to use it but men are lazy. I guess that’s why Women do all the work!!

      6. More incentive to get my own place. Yes I am physically able to shovel snow but the landlord is supposed to take that responsibility. Anyway I shoveled the snow. Went to the store and got a sandwich, drinks and snacks so Sylvester and I can have a restful relaxing Saturday. At least I got in my exercise!!

      7. That is true! You are a positive person, Deborah! And you always care but the other side is. When they know that you do it anyway… they will never start to lift their a..!

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