Don’t Underestimate This Life…

I could not have expressed more clearly. My body has gone through some serious changes over the last several years but in the end I’m still me. A different me but still DeBorah.

Living with CPCI

When I was young, but just old enough to realize not everyone could do everything I could, I came to some shallow conclusions about life.

I loved music and singing, but my great-aunt could not hear. She could not hear me sing and she did not hear me yell, but she was very aware when I was doing these things. But she never sang with us. I could not imagine, as a child, not singing. I did not really understand what was meant when I was told she was ‘deaf’ or could not hear.

I think I thought it was like a game we used to play, when we would pretend not to hear someone, no matter how loud they were. We would try not to giggle and, most importantly, you could not do anything the other players told you or the group to do. I don’t know if it was normal for me…

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