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  1. Oh how I wish I could give you vote after vote after vote for how much I love this post. It would be hilarious if the underlying points weren’t so deadly seriously TRUE.

    Who voted for this imbecile billionaire “man of the people” after he insulted SEVERAL races, disrespected ALL women, made fun of mental illness, got caught in many lies, behaved like a bully rousing the rabble, proposed NO platform and had zero political experience . . . I could go on for screen loads, but then, I guess I’m preaching to the choir. Not either of US, that’s for sure!

    God help us all.
    (Madelyn Griffith-Haynie – ADDandSoMuchMore dot com)
    – ADD Coach Training Field founder; ADD Coaching co-founder –
    “It takes a village to transform a world!”

    1. Amen Sister!! As an African-American Woman who has a brother with Autism I was disgusted and mortified by his behavior. I know what it is to be stereotyped. I work as a museum security guard wearing a uniform that covers me from my neck to my ankles and over the last several years white men have come up to me thinking I’m either selling drugs or sex. White males have attempted to touch my hair and my person and I’ve had to eject them from the galleries and/or call the supervisor. It’s disheartening that these ugly stereotypes have prevailed into the 21st Century.

      The below link to an article that recently happened on the New York City subway where three 3 white males attempted to pull the hijab off a Muslim Woman!! Nobody came to help her!! Sad. Is this our new normal?!! Let’s hope not!!

      “Yasmin Seweid Did Not Deserve to Be Alone When It Happened” @JoelakaMaG https://extranewsfeed.com/yasmin-seweid-did-not-deserve-to-be-alone-when-it-happened-8e6c3b5c6edf

      1. It makes me sick to my stomach to read about male sexual entitlement behaviors – from the more subtle pouting – or not so subtle cheating – exhibited by married men who don’t have the sexual “access” they believe they are due, all the way to rape.

        I can’t know what it is like for a black woman, but I can certainly promise you that white men do it to white women too. The bigger problem, I believe, is that black women are *believed* less often, especially poor black women – a manifestation of a similar problem.

        I’ve never really been suspected of being a drug dealer or prostitute (although a particular pharmacist at a place I’d never filled a subscription before seemed to suspect that I was “drug dealing” my ADD meds and called other pharmacies to see if I’d filled a script in the last month before he would give it to me) — and I’m a BOOMER who carries fancy-schmancy “ADD Professional” biz cards!!

        When I was in my early 40’s and worked quite late in mid-town Manhattan, a man stopped his car to tell me he was interested in a “date” and sped away when I pointed out that I was waiting at a bus stop – carrying a brief case, no less!

        So yes – it’s not any of US, it’s a great many of *them*.

        AND NOW, almost half the country has ganged up on the rest of us to vote into high office a politically inexperienced misogynist who:
        1- brags about sexual entitlement to his friends,
        2- lies about sexually inappropriate behaviors when he believes it will wash, and
        3- dismisses the meaning of them on national television when he’s caught out.

        And that’s just ONE of his examples of his centers of sliminess. – and he now has “proof” that he can get away with anything he wants.

        So I don’t know what the “new normal” might turn out to be, but I’m fairly sure that those of us who are not members of the Billionaire Boys Club inner circle are in deep doo-doo.

      2. Yes. It’s the fact that they get rewarded for their crude behaviors. No accountability. No punishments. I have to say that in my case I’ve made these men whether they are white or Black that I am not the one and today is not gonna be their day. If I go down I’m taking them with me. I’m a U.S. Army Veteran with an attitude and nobody has the right to touch my person or disrespect me in any way form or fashion.

        A few years ago a white male co-worker who was at least 6 feet tall and weighed close to 250 lbs had me pinned to the wall. Needless to say I got him off me. My other co-workers just stood their and watched. I guess they wanted to see who would win or if he would choke me. I defended myself because I had no choice. But to show you that this society places No Value on the Lives of Black Women. I reported him and he was given a slap on the wrist. Now when he threatened to kill another while male co-worker he was “forced” to retire with his pension and all his benefits!! Go Figure!!


        #2 – I simply can’t *believe* what you have written here — that it happened at all, that nobody stepped forward to help, that the man was not held accountable, etc. — not the truthfulness of your report, btw. THAT I do believe. Sadly.

      4. Sometimes I feel sad, bitter, fear that it could easily happen again, disappointed; a whole range of emotions. However I cannot dwell on the incident. It is over and in the past. However I’m glad that I have been able to share what has been happened to me with you and some other nice Ladies who have been supportive. In order to maintain my sanity I just keep praying, reading my Bible and focusing on spending with the most Awesome Autism Guy in the World my brother Stephen Palmer. Stephen needs me. At least I have him and some other loyal friends. But I also hope I’ve provided an open window into what it is like to be a Black Woman in America. Sadly no matter that I served my country, graduated from Marymount Manhattan College with honors, have no criminal records and been a contributing member of society all my Life I will never be accepted by many white Americans who tell me to go back to Africa, a place I’ve never been but one day hope to visit the land of my ancestors. They will only see me through the veil of a stereotype. Thanks for reading and listening. I Do Appreciate You!! God Bless!

      5. It stinks! All I can do is reach out and speak up – and listen, of course. If all women would do just that, we’d be an unstoppable force that could change the world. Our girls would grow up strong, our boys would grow up respectful and loving – and men like DT would be put down before they had a chance to sprout wings.

        If only . . .

      6. There is some hope. An unqualified male in such a high position is ripe for implosion. He will bring about his own downfall. History does repeat itself and none of these megalomaniacs lasts.

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