BM’s Special Thank You To Her Top 10 Bloggers for 2016

Wow! Thanks for the Shout out from my African Sister! I believe in supporting All Africans across the diaspora. What a great early Christmas present. My Sister’s kind words make me want to visit the Motherland even more so.

These words ‘if only people knew me’ used to come out of my mouth or run through my mind daily and it didn’t matter as I was in a constant state of always wanting something more and I just couldn’t just be happy.

This all changed when BM was birthed and it gave a reason to be happy and grateful regardless of whatever happened around me. So, when people ask me how I am able to hold down a full-time job as a lawyer and still have time to post content on the blog, have my show on Classic FM and attend events and I just smiled because these 10 persons made me understand that once you are sold out to a vision, especially a passion project, there’s really nothing you can’t do or achieve. As I sit here typing away on my laptop, I’m thankful my paths crossed with…

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