Magical, Mystical, Mythical Queendoms

The petite populace of Pangaea. Gaia’s MadDroids of Gondwana. Before the separation divided rift occurred. From them many were planeted, flourished and grew.

Roaming Urban Gypsy

Magical, Mystical, Mythical Queendoms

Two for one today Folks!!

Mushroom Mansions

Occupied by Fairies, Urchins, Green Gaia Goddesses, Gypsies, Gnomes, Gremlins, Grr–Gnomes (result of inter-species mating), Sprites, Pixies and the Forest Little People.

The Pixies eat Pixza and sometimes can be persuaded to share with the other woodland denizens.

Welcome to the Town of Grody Growths.

Later on some future pre-determined date there will be a Dance-off between the Smooth Stepping Smurfs and Leaping Leprechauns! Stay Turned and Stay Tuned!!

Toadstool Towns

Link to Alien Spore Spaceships:

Castle Fungus with Uncle Mungus

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Mental Illness: Normal Consequences Of Abuse Or Something Wrong With You?

This is a much better way to look at mental illness and traumatic events. Abuse can and does lead to PTSD, depression, suicidal thoughts, etc… I believe and know that some of my responses to environmental triggers are my brains way of protecting me from danger. Even though we want to let go of the past sometimes, many times the Past won’t let go of us.


Something crossed my mind recently.

People with PTSD/C-PTSD, depression or anxiety that stems from being abused are referred to as having a mental illness, or mental health problems.  It occurred to me though that this is, in a way, false.

Yes, C-PTSD/PTSD, depression & anxiety are proof of damage in the brain, so they are in that sense mental disorders.  But, such things are also normal reactions to highly abnormal circumstances.  The truth is actually that these disorders were brought about by an abusive person determined to hurt you.

Having C-PTSD, PTSD, depression or anxiety aren’t signs that you are weak, a failure, stupid or anything else.  They are simply proof that you have been through some traumatic things, & you survived!  You are strong!

Rather than being ashamed of yourself for being “mentally ill”, why not instead embrace the fact that you are a normal, mentally healthy person who has been through some…

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