Already Happening: The Normalization of Trumpism – via TDB

Trumpocolypse is here. The four horsemen are riding through the land.

My Mazamet

“… Only the characteristic bluntness of a child, who proclaimed the emperor’s nudity as he paraded through the streets humiliating himself and his kingdom, threatened to break the spell. But when the boy spoke out he was quickly rebuked by his father, who assured the gasping public that the child was clearly soft in the head. So powerful is the compulsion to normalize the powerful.”

Source: Media Normalization of Trumpism – The Daily Beast

Interesting article- but that’s not the normalisation we need fear most. Yesterday I read a complaint that a reporter was offended by the use of the N word. Let that sink in. It means a reporter does not have the right to be offended by the use of the N word. This N word:


Shocked? Offended? Good, you should be. Decent people who believe in ethics, civil and human rights should be offended. Why do…

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3 thoughts on “Already Happening: The Normalization of Trumpism – via TDB

  1. It is so demoralizing. I will never ever be a Trumpist, which is really a combination of all the horrible ists, rascist, sexist, elitist, pigist, fascist, red-neckist. I could keep going, but he’s not worth it.

  2. People want to normalize the Drumpf and his foul, disgusting family…it’s really sad. The racists are crawling out from under their rocks and out of their sewers ever since the election – I shouldn’t be surprised.

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