The Cowgirls of Color: Black Women’s Team is Bucking Rodeo Trends

All Women!! All Black Cowgirls!! Getting it done!!


Pinky, Pennie (in background) and KB calm their horses before riding in the grand entry. (Photograph: M Holden Warren)

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The Cowgirls of Color are frustrated. It’s the final stop of Bill Pickett Invitational Rodeo and the only all-female team has had a difficult first ride, making their chances at a victory very unlikely. “The whole point was to win, not just to be in [the event] because we’re girls,” says KB, a 39-year-old legal administrator who has been riding with the team for a year and a half.

In a sport dominated by white men, the all-female, all-black team is a rarity. At the Bill Pickett rodeo, the only black rodeo in the country, high-octane events such as bull riding and steer wrestling remain almost exclusively male. But every year brings more female contestants than the last.

Since the team formed two years ago…

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4 thoughts on “The Cowgirls of Color: Black Women’s Team is Bucking Rodeo Trends

  1. I used to ride horses and i admire this group, but i don’t understand why they feel they need to be an all-Black team. Are there teams called the all-white cowgirls?

    1. Because Black people have been left out of and negated from American History. Basically American History as taught is all about white people. There is little or no mention of our achievement. For you to even ask that question given how Blacks are treated in this country shows your blind spot or just plain ignorance. Yes as Black people we must and will continue to lift up ourselves as we are not accepted or wanted by the majority of whites in this country. Think about how foolish your question is. Why did the Tuskegee Airmen exist? Why was my Great, Great Grandfather in the 29th Colored Regiment? Because everything was segregated and no life for Blacks has improved very little. Racism permeates every segment of American society. I will not discuss this further as I am disgusted by your attitude.

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