Limberless Tunes ~~ Foibles & Follies


Limberless Tunes ~~ Foibles & Follies

A Poetry Moment


The Melodies of Suppressed Oppressed flowers sang through the night.  Her smile begged for acceptance. She wore “Like Me” like a cardboard sign taped unknowingly behind her gold brocade dressing gown.  It was the Ceremony of the Dark Light that took me there.

Petite frame. Jet Black hair. Skin so pale and translucent that one could see blood coursing through arteries and veins. She was more of an artwork museum piece than a living soul. One that men were driven to possess but she slipped through their hands like sand betwixt toes among the ebb and flow of sea tides.

On a fortnight Vulvagenda engage modulated paroxysms of unadulterated pleasure mixed with pain.

Suffering along with Melancholia of the Mind every word she wrote became Life everlasting.

She an Elegant Mess. He heaving swollen engorged gonads seeking release of phantasmagorical fractals. He began to manipulate himself even more vigorously as a shit eating grin spread across his vile features. Wet dreams saturated his paper thin gown. Splattering innocent garden earth. His odious noxious acid seed ferment and fizzle with No eggs willingly breed another of his kind. Cheated once again of progeny his fertilizer wasted.

They came as scavengers. Lords of the night. Removing yet another carcass done in by the Dolly-birds, skeletal dollies, whiskey, scotch & club soda mix. Down the drain into the sewer.

I shall sleep well tonight said satiated She whilst licking remnants of his viscera from her stiletto talons. What a delectable delicious dinner guest was he quipped She picking bone fragments from betwixt her jutting fangs.

Swooning ruby garrets swell laughter at Lothario Humpty Dumps pungent odors. Open ravine burials for vultures avian and human. His body now a sieve oozing blood nurturing all anger and pain.  Come ride Old Dobbin. Ride home with our silent linen shroud limp passenger into the night.

Listen as a Baroque dirge permeates the fetid night air. Requiem for Blood-lust ~~ The Final Mysteries.




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