Disrupt Aging ~~ Bringing Back Sexy

If you are 50+ or are approaching the half century mark please get and read this book!! Together Let’s Disrupt attitudes on Aging!!

#DisruptAging    #DisruptAging



Aging Like a Fine Wine!! Loving My Fabulous 50s and Can’t wait to Begin My Sexy 60s!!


Patti LaBelle ~~ New Attitude

Me in My African Garb right before attending Dance Africa held at the Brooklyn Academy of Music (BAM) Monday, May 30th, 2016. Proud to be a Member of the Council of Elders (Those who are 55+)!!

The Diva Reigns and Rules!!

#NoMakeup   Natural Beauty!!


Coming Into My Own and Ready for my Third Act!!


Chaka Khan I’m Every Woman




23 thoughts on “Disrupt Aging ~~ Bringing Back Sexy

    1. For me I’m excited!! I have great expectations for my 60s!! Not Just Retirement but moving forward with my dreams and goals. Even with my aches and pains I would not go backwards for anything in the world!! Overall I’ve taken good care of myself and plan to continue with my good health regime. When you have your health you are truly rich indeed and the world is open to you! Ready for the Big 60!! Woohoo!!

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