Black Jesus

ReBuild Me


How does one Rebuild faith and trust in Humans when all around us is carnage, killings and grief.

When will the judgment stop?

Is no where safe?  Schools, clubs, theaters, and even the church is no longer a sanctuary from evil.  How many tears must be shed yet again, again and again???!!  How many hearts must continue to be broken. Rebuild Us!

Yet though unjustly crucified on the Cross you cried out, “Father forgive them for they know not what they do!!” To the thief you said, “This day you shall be with me in Paradise.”

The Rebuilding must come from within.  Lord God Jehovah Rebuild Our Country from within. Help us to have more mercy and compassion for others. Let not difference be an excuse for hate.

Have you ever been broken?  I know I have. Whether you are Hindu, Buddhist, Jewish, Christian, Muslim, Native/Indigenous faiths Please turn your Hearts towards Understanding, Kindness, Faith, and Love.

Rebuild Us. Rebuild Us. Oh Lord!!

J Moss – Rebuild me (Remix)



Rebuild Me – J. Moss, “Just James”


Share Your World – 2016 Week 24

June 13, 2016


back2-school2With your answers, please remember we are in the SYW world which may not always match our reality.

What is the most fun thing you did in school?

Any type of Art! Also a cinematography class I took in my Senior Year of High School. All we did was watch movies! The funniest part of that semester was when my teacher answered a knock at the door and when he opened it somebody plastered him with a Coconut Cream pie!! LOL!!  Shades of Soupy Sales!!

What is your favorite type of dog?  (can be anything from a specific breed, a stuffed animal or character in a movie)

Beagles. Had a Beagle named Dolly when I was a little girl. Also I’m a big Snoopy fan.

You are invited to a party that will be attended by many fascinating people you never met.  Would you attend this party if you were to go by yourself?

Sure! Why not?!  Since I’m a Single Lady I do many activities and attend many functions alone. Great way to meet people and have some interesting conversations

Complete this sentence:  Never In My Life Have I…. 

Bungee Jumped or Parachuted out of a plane. And I never will!!  Fear of heights! Riding in an Army helicopter, C 130 & C 140 was enough for me while I was in the Army!

Bonus question:  What are you grateful for from last week, and what are you looking forward to in the week coming up? 

Just happy not to be in as much pain as I was last week. Those of you who suffer from arthritis and back pain know what I mean. Yesterday I was able to sweep, mop my floor and continue with my Spring Cleaning program!  Hooray!! Some days I’m totally sidelined by extreme pain but this past weekend was good and I accomplished lots of cleaning!!  Happy! Happy! Joy! Joy!!

Looking forward to next weekend and the opportunity to rest, relax and sleep!!


Soupy Sales Sings Pretty Little Pie Face



Whole Lotta Blockin’ Going On!!


Whole Lotta Blockin’ Going On!!
First and Foremost I want to Thank Everyone who has Followed me especially in the Last few months. I feel honored that so many folks Love my writing and photography. Usually I try to Follow and Subscribe in return however if your blog is not in English I am unable to do so as English is the only language I read, write and speak fluently.  Eventually once I retire in Summer/Fall of 2018 then I will take on improving my Spanish but in the meantime I only subscribe to websites and blogs written in English. Sorry Peoples!
Lately I’ve noticed an uptick in obscenity, sex requests, foul language, and other unsavory pics and posts on Instagram, Tumblr, Twitter and other social media sites. As we all know Facebook leads the way in terms of wackos and perverts! Just know that if that’s your thing, keep it to yourself. Guys Do Not post photos of your package like former politician Anthony Weiner (yes that is his real name). No Woman with good sense wants to have any type of relationship with a man who posts his private parts on dating websites. That’s why they are called Private parts. Ladies the same goes for you also. Keep you sex life and curves reserved only for your husband/wife or Lover.  Intimate moments are supposed to be between you and the one you claim to Love not the entire Twitterverse or all your so-called Facebook friends!
Do not share your sexual perversions with me because I will Block you on all my social media sites!
Yes like most people I do curse. Usually out of frustration. Anger. I’m normal. But unless I’m having a fight with someone I do not curse at people. I do my best to avoid altercations but if you come for me I’m ready! Don’t mess with someone who served in the military!
Male or female Get Ready for a Beat down!  Bring it! As we used to say Back in the Day, “Your Mouth Shouldn’t write checks that your ass can’t cash.”  I may be small in stature but I am Fierce especially when I get angry!  So Don’t sleep on the size!
Those of your who have been following my blog for any length of time know that I work in a department that is mostly male and I have been sexually harassed in my workplace. Also Last March I had a verbal altercation with the manager of my brother’s group home which entailed me having to curse her out then call her boss. She stepped to me and I brought the pain. The male co-worker who attempted to assault me a few years ago also felt my wrath. Sometimes Life gets downright nasty, ugly and dangerous so you must be prepared to defend yourself as well as your Loved ones.
Also characters in my poetry, prose, short stories may curse because that is part of their personality and pertains to the story. However I try to be on my best behavior if possible.
There is a time and place for everything. If you wish to expose yourself or solicit for sex then get your own personal website where you may post to your hearts content/delight. Do not send me any nudity nor solicitations for sex.
Facebook as far as I know restricts folks from posting certain types of content. How well this works I’m not sure. However you will never see photos of me nude! That’s just out of order and out of line especially for a woman of my age. Sexy photos. Yes. Naked pictures. No.
Just a word to my Sister Friends over 50. After my GYN exam in March I had a frank talk with my doctor HIV/AIDS is fastest growing in the Female 50+ demographic. Why? Because men over 50 have the same sexual behaviors they had in their teens, 20s & 30s. Meaning they have multiple sexual partners. This includes Married men also. They are cheating and spreading.  As a male co-worker once said, “My Wife is married but I’m not.”
Dating to me means going out and having a good time with my clothes on. I guess that’s why I don’t have many dates because once guys realize I’m not putting out they go onto the next woman with their con games. However I’m older, wiser and it is no sweat off my nose. As much as I would like companionship I’m not about to cast aside my morals and values to do so.  Fellas if all you’re interested in is that thing, a roll in the hay or the horizontal tango Talk to the Hand Cause the Face ain’t Listening!!
Never Gonna Get!!
Virtuous if not perfect Woman.

En Vogue – My Lovin’ (Never Gonna Get It) (1992)

Lauryn Hill – Doo-Wop (That Thing) (Official Video)

TLC – No Scrubs