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My animal companions over the years have been the dogs I had when I was growing up along side my fascination much to my mother’s horror, with gerbils. The Gerbils only lasted until I got my first cat named Bonkers sometime during the 1980s. No Bonkers and later his companion Smokey did not eat the gerbils but that was only because my parents moved the gerbils to their bedroom. One day my Dad said to me Deborah your gerbil (by then I was down to one) is not moving.  Taps for the gerbil.

Time went on and eventually I finally left the nest and moved into my own apartment in 1990. My parents had gotten rather attached to both cats and insisted on keeping them. I had visitation rights. Sadly before that decade ended both my parents had gone onto their heavenly reward and my cats came to live with me. Unfortunately cats do not live as long as humans and over the years I’ve had to part with several feline companions.  Currently I had on Purrfect Buddy. That Talented Terrific Tuxedo known as Sylvester.  He is Pawsome!!

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My best friend and life time companion is my brother Stephen, an Autism Guy who is my heart, soul, mind and everything to me. As anyone who has followed/subscribed to my blog for any length of time knows Stephen is my whole world. Since our parents died all we have is each other. He accepts me for who I am. I don’t have to wear a mask around him. He is always eager to see me. We are a team that cannot be separated!!  I Love You Stephen Vincent Palmer!!



Willie Nelson – Always On My Mind

A Snazzy British Jukebox


Birthday Jubilee

Step Out of the Shadows and into the Limelight

A walk in the park becomes an Interplanetary slog through the miasma of grief, sorrow, pain, fear, panic, anxiety that tied knots in my lungs keeping my breathe hostage from sunlight, daylight, passage, freedom….A Faint towards the portal…………

Shade the Morphing Manster has come to claim my soul…..

Recumbent pathos reaches out a gnarly hand……

When You’re Strange????

Pigment is the Intimacy of Blood Roots and Stones

Blue-bloodied Ascots Scions of Trust Fund Fed Idle Rich who possess the wealth of questionable morals lacking values disregard of human rights all whilst illegally smuggling two foot human cargo into the Land of the Free for immoral entertainments.

There are No Faces merely interpretations.  They are the sacrificial scapegoat Lambs.

Erase the Tart and begin again.

I Have Loved Thrown Stones for they became my Salvation.

The Red Queen gave the White Queen a choice she could not deny.

Scumbling Scuttlebutt. Radial solid wood sculptures cracking and breathing. Crackling perpendicular to tree ring growth.

Expand. Contract.

Breathe in. Breathe out.

Crepey flaky pale skin. She had ingrown pastels that reflected Light.

Kilroy was here. I just saw him at the Blackjack table a few minutes ago. He was with a Snazzy British Jukebox. Short on Memory. Long on Selection.

Ben E King – Supernatural Thing Pt 1 & 2 Disco Mix


The Doors – People Are Strange