Five Reasons You Rock for Being a Single-Mom

My Buddy Terri Linton Rocks!! Hands Clapping and Cheers to her!!

She is Terri Linton

1. You Were Brave Enough

Whether you are a single-mom by circumstance or choice, you decided that nothing was more important than bringing your child into the world.  And come what may, you committed to mothering your child even if alone.  People tend to look at single-moms through a lens of pity as if they and their children were abandoned or unwanted.  Rarely do people consider that maybe it was the woman who decided that forging it alone with her child was better than staying in a relationship that did not honor her.  Or that perhaps she always wanted to be a mom, but the option of being a wife was not offered or desired.  Maybe family forever after was the goal, but life had other plans.  How ever you came to be a single-mom, give yourself credit for being brave enough to…

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