Kudos and Cheers for Pope Francis!!


Pope Francis Takes 12 Refugees Back to Vatican After Trip to Greece

Proving that the Children of Abraham can Live in Peace! Also we must help each other no matter what race, skin color, ethnic group or religion! Pope Francis is showing the way!

This is what Jesus would do!!

Just because one group of people do something evil does not make all followers of that religion or a certain race evil.

If we applied the same logic to all the mass murders in America for the last 12 years we would have to ban all white man. The murderers of those children in a Ct. school a few Christmas’ ago, the person who shot worshipers at a Bible Study last year, the man who shot up the movie theater plus countless other mass killings were all white men!  Now does that make all white males murderers?  No! Of course not!

There are extremists in every religion. After all the United States still has the Ku Klux Klan, the Christian Identity Movement and the American Nazi Party. All of which claim to be Christians.  I guess if they met Jesus they would lynch him also since Jesus was Jewish!

We need more Love, Peace, Understanding and Compassion in the world. Let’s stop making people into stereotypes just because they are a different faith than you or a different color than you!

Come People Let’s Get on the Love Train!!

The O’Jays – Love Train