Stephen Vincent Palmer ~ Testimony & Praise Report

STEPHEN PALMER ~ Praise Report

As some of you may know my brother Stephen Palmer is developmentally disabled but he does not let that stop him from enjoying life. Autism? What autism? He works and has a full social calendar. I should be so lucky!! LOL!

Stephen received an excellent report from his teachers and instructors at AABR. Stephen has 20/20 vision. No diabetes. His high blood pressure and cholesterol are under control. At age 52 he is in perfect health. Stephen always enjoys expressing himself through art. He likes to draw so I will get him some art supplies.

He uses his stipend to romance 2 ladies, Maxine and Robin. Robin is his dance partner at QCP Friday night social. They probably spend lots of time dancing to Michael Jackson who is Stephen’s favorite singer/entertainer. Stephen also likes to but Cologne and sunglasses. He’s living la vida loca!

Michael Jackson ~ Beat It

Even with some cognitive difficulties Stephen is able to make his needs known, perform janitorial work at various locations, enjoys a fitness program that includes walking the treadmill, lifting weights, swimming and learning to play soccer.

To make himself understood he uses his own form of sign language. Obviously it works for him and Maxine and Robin are happy to enjoy Stephen’s company. LOL!! My brother the Ladies Man!!

To all the doctors who back in 1963 told our parents Edward & Mable Palmer that Stephen at only age two was hopeless and would not be able to learn or improve, to just put him away in an institution, God is laughing at you now!! Praise God that my parents did not listen to the doctors negative reports but took Stephen home and raised him in a normal, happy, loving home environment. Stephen has surpassed all expectations and I’m sure our parents are smiling down from Heaven at his amazing progress.  To all parents and siblings of special needs children ~ BELIEVE!  Believe in God, yourself and most of all your child’s ability to overcome any disability and go beyond any medical diagnosis!!

Stephen holding M&Ms
Stephen with his favorite candy M&Ms at AABR.

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  1. thevanbrown

    Your support of your brother is inspirational. There is such a great wealth in the love between family members. Rock on,

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