Package Delivery

Funny Moment when a guy’s rap about his package nearly does him in

Getting off the J train at Broadway Junction and this young guys looking at a girl on the train telling her, “It’s this long” — well Mr. Super Stud walks right into the steel column along the platform and nearly knocks himself out. BAM!! You know that shit hurt!

I did chuckle a bit but I had to get me and my groceries back home in one piece!! He did try to play it off though. I think those humongous Beats by Dr. Dre headphones kept him from further injury. Perhaps he is practicing to be a future Anthony Weiner but those of us in New York know what happened to him and even though he’s running for Mayor Mr. Weiner will never live down exposing his little wiener via Twitter.

Perhaps Mr. Big Stuff should concentrate on getting something into his big head instead of focusing on impressing a girl with the little head. Stud Muffin wins this week’s Darwin Award.

Does Size matter?
Does Size matter?


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