Blanking Out


Blanking out. Something that happens more often as we get older. Those of you over 50 know exactly what I’m talking about. As for the rest of you just wait. You’ll get there.

I’ve been working at the museum for eight years and I can forget the name of a co-worker with whom I’ve worked on a steady basis for seven of those eight years.  Just yesterday I ran into one of the guards, a young lady I see every day. Do you think I remember her name?! No!! However I never forget a face. Lucky for me I was getting off the train so I smiled, waved and we exchanged Happy Hellos. Escaped embarrassment.  Such a nice pleasant young woman.  The last placed I Lived I was there for 22 years yet I still forgot folks names! Or I’d put the wrong name to a face.

Now here’s the Oxymoron. As a museum security guard the visitors expect me to know not only where every piece of art is but how to get there. Fortunately after eight and a half years I know where most of the major most popular most asked for artworks are located and since I’ve been posted in every section of the museum I can tell you how to best access them. No I do not know where every last piece of art the museum owns is located. That would be impossible as much of it is in storage and the paintings are rotated. Security Guards are not human computers.

I seem to have an affinity for paintings.  The first wing I was assigned to was 19th Century Art. At that time I was so bored I memorized not only where every painting was located but the artist and genre, Impressionism, Realism, Post Impressionists, British Romanticism (The Pre-Raphaelites) etc….

Security guards have no say so in where we are posted so I’ve been in the Modern Art wing, the American Wing, African Art, Asian Art, European Sculpture and Decorative Arts.  After listening to the docents give tours I can pretty much give you good background and/or history of artworks located in those sections.  I’m not an expert by far.

The Experts in the Museum are the Curators and the Conservation staff.  Also I’m an English Major not an Art History Major. All I have is on the job knowledge supplemented by reading books and watching videos on art.

Now I’ve also been posted in the Egyptian and Greek sections. Please do not ask me about this art for I will surely draw a Blank. If you are a student Google is your Friend and/or the Museum website/Libraries.  Or better yet Go to the Information Desk because all you’ll get from me is a Blank Look. I don’t spend enough time in these galleries to gain knowledge nor do I wish to do so. I prefer paintings and some sculptures.

When I was a girl my Dad used to say I practiced “Selective Hearing.”  I never seemed to hear him when he was calling me. Especially if he had some task or errand for me to perform. “Deborah! Don’t you hear me?!! Turn down that radio/TV!! Pay attention!!

My Dad did not like to raise his voice and when he did so I knew my ass was grass and I was up shit creek with no oars. In other words I was in serious trouble.  So maybe it’s the same thing with People’s Names and Artworks.  My Middle-Age Senior Brain is practicing Selective Memory!!  LOL!!


All art graphics are from Google unless otherwise stated.

Fade to Dark


It’s Midnight……..  The time is now. Let us begin.




From Obscurity to Ubiquity All was beautiful within the subatomic particles. The new fugue will taste very very quiet when there near the top dissociative phenomena Pulsar.  There is a hurricane within our Atoms.  Doppelgangers are flung everywhere.  Why you gotta be so Rouged? Don’t you know that silent decibels still go hopping along?  She came out at the Debutante’s Ball much to the consternation of the high flatulent guests.  BLT ~~ Black Tie Lingerie.

Lunatic started coming out of the baby vomit green-gold vapors just minutes after sunset. Large creeping rolling along mountain range catacombs.

Moon sank in the thick hazes and left me in the dark. The War is a Ghetto….And the beat goes on……….

The World Is A Ghetto by War




Lacey silhouettes against dying sunset, Stolen Voices.  Tubers made in a devotee liberty flair.  She was a darkish grainy vinaigrette set against the night sky. Her body and mood seemed enveloped in sepia monotones. Grainy images gave her a tenuous hold on the world of corporeal bodies. Enchanted worlds bobbed up against her flimsy flesh.  Whether in the body or out who knows? Daughter Zion once a captive now free to roam the land. Protector and Priestess.  Calliope and Cassandra return to Alexandria, a continent secure once more. Gauzy membrane in need of repair.

Somebody breathe the reluctant dragon…the dragoon of unicorns and fairies who light the Night skies.  gAs on the bEACH. gAs on the sHORE.  wASTED  dreams once again ignited.. Leprechauns march over untested territory.  Garuda Zinnia dances gyrating lost peoples ambrosia. Cobalt electric glide until Hart Island gives up it’s inhabitants.

The Jimi Hendrix Experience – All Along The Watchtower (Official Audio)

Come Drink from the Hydro-thermal Cauldrons of Death!  The calendar hung limited upon the wall gathering reflections from 1983.  Graveyard plots morphing into drainage ditches carrying bones meant for estuaries. A Spite house wedged between luxury condos. The facade lined with a series of gargoyles faces each blinking out a sinister Morse code refrain.

I am a Mermaid Lost in Translation. OUrrrr Bodies emit from waterrrryyy graves. Up thru trap doors suited up shiny bright sideways with red bejeweled bowels leaking excrement slippers across the ocean floor.

Moonrise stars reflecting floating bloated corpses. Dolphin pallbearers carrying razor  wire inter lost dead. Burying discarded treasures. Lives forgotten populate this poor man’s Necropolis.

FADE TO BLAcQ!!!!!!!!!!

FADE TO DARKNESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Amy Winehouse – Back To Black














The Artist’s Eye

The Artist’s Eye

Is there a painting or sculpture you’re drawn to? What does it say to you? Describe the experience. (Or, if art doesn’t speak to you, tell us why.)

The Brooklyn Museum where Art meets Activism! One of the best museums in New York!  What really draws me to the art at the Brooklyn Museum is that it is inclusive featuring art not just from Europeans but from Artists of Color. All voices are represented. When I go to the Brooklyn Museum I see my face, all faces, my culture, all cultures.  Please feel free to click on the links below to see some of the past exhibitions.



Inspiration & Muse

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Inspiration.”

One of my many and most favorite Inspirations/Muse is the Brooklyn Museum.

The Brooklyn Museum brings together Art and Activism featuring a wide range of artists from all communities, races and backgrounds. Historically, artists were the traditional allies of movements for social change. It is refreshing to see art depictions that not only look like me but were created by artists of African descent.

Their exhibits are not just entertainment but are educational and cause the viewer to stop and think thereby gaining a new perspective on the subject or theme. The featured artworks are my muse for my own creative outlets allowing me to see what narratives I can share with people.

20150614_120031 20150614_115925 20150614_115852 20150614_115620 20150614_115545 Brooklyn Museum 20140817_124908

My Brother Stephen standing next to a Kehinde Wiley painting at the Brooklyn Museum
My Brother Stephen standing next to a Kehinde Wiley painting at the Brooklyn Museum
Shoe Armor
Shoe Armor

20141002_132451 20141002_132349 20141002_132354 20141002_125406 20141002_125401 20141002_125358 20141002_125343 20141002_125004 20141002_125018

Brooklyn Museum
Brooklyn Museum

Brooklyn Museum

Tamra Davis (American, b. 1962). Still from A Conversation with Basquiat, 2006. 23 min., 22 sec. © Tamra Davis. Courtesy of the artist. By permission of the Estate of Jean-Michel Basquiat, all rights reserved. Photo: Jonathan Dorado, Brooklyn Museum
Tamra Davis (American, b. 1962). Still from A Conversation with Basquiat, 2006. 23 min., 22 sec. © Tamra Davis. Courtesy of the artist. By permission of the Estate of Jean-Michel Basquiat, all rights reserved. Photo: Jonathan Dorado, Brooklyn Museum
Killer Heels at the Brooklyn Museum
Killer Heels at the Brooklyn Museum

Brooklyn Museum

Brooklyn Museum Funky Fresh Exhibits
Brooklyn Museum Funky Fresh Exhibits