18 thoughts on “Side by Side

      1. I always think our parents and grandparents look so good in old photos. Perhaps because having ones photograph taken was a special event in those days. Also monochrome helps! This ha# made me think I’ll look out some old pics tomorrow.
        I’ve certainly enjoyed viewing yours. I had a dress similar to yours too.

      2. Thanks. Photography was a rare special occasion. As this professional photo was taken at James Van Derzee studio my Grandparents must have saved money for this moment. I’m sure that they celebrated the fact that my Father lived since the baby boys that came before died from polio in childhood. Dad was the only boy to survive.

        As a child my Father bought clothing for me. I remember many trips to Macy’s Herald Square.
        Photographs are visual Time Capsules. So in this post we have gone from the 1930s into the 1960s when Stephen and I were children.

      3. My mother used to make my dresses.
        I’ve googled James Van der Zee. Wow! He’s famous . How amazing that you have a photograph he took. I’m going to read more about him now. Thank you for broadening my horizons once more. 😊

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