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Brooklyn Public Library

Saratoga Branch


I have been living in Brooklyn for about six years. Today for the first time I paid a visit to one of the smaller branch libraries ~~ The Saratoga Branch just off Macon Street. Actually it was the first time that I went to any Brooklyn Library Branch but now that I’m retired No more time restraints.  I can visit as many Library branches as a I wish.

A bit of a walk but worth it. Basically I went to print a document. I was not successful however it is a nice library.  Very up to date and modern.  Air Conditioned.  I definitely will return to explore this branch in depth. Questioning the Librarian about different services I inquired as to whether I could used either my Manhattan or Queens Library cards.  Nope.  So after giving her my Drivers License ID, she made a new card for me right on the spot.  Quick service with a smile.



When I was a kid growing up in Queens I practically lived in the Large Main Branch Queens Public Library located on Merrick Blvd.  As I spent most of my life in Queens I’ve had the opportunity to visit many Queens Library branches.  At my age I still remember the Dewey Decimal System and having to go through all those little cards to see if a book was available.  Amazing how technology has changed everything. No Dewey Decimal.  Everything is computerized.  Being that New York City is Multi-Cultural and International no matter what language you speak you can find a book available in that language.  The Libraries in New York City also provide many types of classes such as resume writing, job training, ESL, services for small children up to and including senior citizens, assisting students, etc…


Of course when I returned to college being an English Major I spent a lot of time in the Library.  Sometimes the one in Queens where I Lived at that time but mostly at the Lending Library on 42nd Street and Fifth Avenue.  Now the other more famous Fifth Avenue branch with our favorite Lions Patience and Fortitude is a Research Library not a lending library meaning you cannot take the books out.  Given that some of the literature within is over 100 years old you can understand why.  I also did college research at this Library.  By the way just for trivia’s sake the Lions were given the names Patience and Fortitude by then Mayor Fiorello LaGuardia. Mayor LaGuarida held office from 1934 until 1945.  His last name means, “Little Flower.”

Fiorello LaGuardia

Main Queens Library on Merrick Blvd
Main Queens Library on Merrick Blvd


Dear City of New York/NYPL System, Why pray tell does one have to get a Library card for each borough that you may either live or work? Now I have three Library cards. If I move to the Bronx will I have to get yet another one?  Library card Number #4? Strange.  Maybe I should establish a temporary residence in Staten Island so I can get Library card Number #5.  After all New York City does have five boroughs or counties as people in other states call them.  I feel like I’m making a collection of Library cards.

News Flash!

Some buddies just told me via Facebook that Manhattan, Staten Island and The Bronx all share one card.  Good.








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