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Exotic Cutz Barber Shop
My haircut by Kemmie

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Exotic Cutz Barber Shop

My haircut by Kemmie

My New Look ~~ Wakanda Warrior Woman

Here are photos of my new look and my artwork! Happy Dance!

Well Folks I’ve decided to embrace my gray/grey hair and the aging process. Yes I cut off all my hair very short something like the Warrior Women of Wakanda. My hair has undergone the changes of menopause, aging, stress, illness and disability resulting in thinning and hair loss. Those women over 50 understand what I’m talking about. If you are not yet 50 don’t worry age will catch up to you.

BTW, No I am not going to discuss my chronic illness and disabilities. That includes my vision loss. It is what it is. One does not have to look sick to be sick.
I do not want people’s pity so I will not entertain questions about my health. I find those questions…

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