My Mixed Media Photo Collages

Creative Art Fundraiser for AweSome AweTism Guy aka My Brother Stephen Palmer.

Roaming Urban Gypsy

My Mixed Media Photo and Picture Collages

The Beauty of Found Materials in the Art of Collaging

The Journey

Transformation and Evolution

 Heralding Spring


Larger Edition of Heralding Spring

Development and Transformation

Currently In Transition as an Artwork with Evolving Decorative Elements

Museum Union Art Show  and Kitty Cat Collage

The Caturday Kitty Cat Collage Embraces the Whimsical Child Within

Starry Night Midnight Magic Night

Constellations Series

More Picture/Photo Collages are in the works!

My Artistic Influences: Romare Bearden, Jacob Lawrence and Jean-Michel Basquiat!

If I can get well then Stephen can have a great 57th Birthday Celebration in May.  Let’s make Stephen’s Birthday an AweSome AweTism BornDay Celebration!!

Please help me help Stephen.  Thank you.

Please Allow 6 to 8 weeks for delivery!  Thank you!

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