Hipster Housing 

These are but two of the private developments going up in my neighborhood. 

None of the apartments will be set aside for U.S. ARMY Veterans like myself or for the working class. 

Obviously a clear case of gentrification. People like myself are being pushed out in favor of the 6 figure folks. 

Just goes to show you that you can go to college, graduate with honors, serve your country, work tons of overtime, obey the law but still not win. What little you have can be taken away at any moment. 

Gentrification is the new segregation 

16 thoughts on “Hipster Housing 

  1. hey, where do you call home out of curiosity?  those places look neet

  2. It’s sickening because they can build these things so quickly instead of maintaining or beautifying the neighborhoods already there. And the homeless situation is a whole other story.

    1. Homelessness has got to be New York city #1 problem.
      Every day I see homeless people living on the streets and in subways. There’s nothing wrong with building but also renovate existing and abandoned buildings so the poor and working class have decent places to live.

      1. Exactly. I know renovating an old, abandoned home most likely costs much less than completely starting from scratch, but there’s no money in that. And money is what matters.

  3. What an ugly building. It looks like a block of offices.What a pity they couldn’t put up something more in keeping with the houses in the area and what a pity some at least couldn’t be saved for people from the area to take a little jump in living standards.Everyone can move up and bring some homeless into the fold then.
    xxx Massive Hugs xxx

    1. I don’t care how the building looks. The problem is that the rents are too high. The homeless population is increasing. New York city has thousands of homeless people living on the streets and in subways. Many are physically and mentally disabled. Also a good many are Veterans. The United States does not take care of people if they are not rich.

  4. It is always the case. So sad people who require it the most need these places. Those who can afford 6 figure can buy somewhere else or stay where they are. It seems to be the same worldwide. Homeless are neglected everywhere, they should be cared for.

    1. Thanks. Yes. The poor and working class are being pushed out to the fringes of society. Many people including myself are working extra hours of overtime or are working 2 yes two jobs just to stay afloat.

      1. It is something I noticed in US many years ago, society was pushing the poor out of the city limits or into one area. I think it was called the projects. Take care and may you receive many blessings and miracles.

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