Calling out the hypocrisy of some liberals. Undercover racists aka Liberals.

As an African American Woman I’ve been on the receiving end of these condescending attitudes. I work as a Museum Security Office and my workplace is located on the Upper East Side a supposed bastion of Liberal Progressive thought yet when I worked days (I now work nights) I can’t even begin to tell you how many white Liberals thought I was a drug dealer, white men approached me thinking that somehow despite my uniform that covers 95% of my body that I’m a whore/prostitute then there is that unnatural fascination with my natural hair. I wear my hair in an Afro. I’ve had to warn these closet racists not to touch me, go get my supervisor or a male guard when they start propositioning me for sex and finally I’ve had to throw them out of my galleries for indecent language. Old stereotypes die hard. Many of my Asian Women co-workers also get hit on. These rich, wealthy trust fund babies are just as bad if not worse than Southern Rednecks.  I guess Liberals thought by voting for Obama that freed them to share their perversions with Black & Asian Security Officers.

Glad I now work nights. I see less of these smarmy disgusting people.