12 thoughts on “Team USA Long Jumper Tianna Bartoletta Medals at Worlds Despite Being Homeless for Three Months

      1. I will still be posting on the political climate in the USA because it affects me personally. The political was and still is personal. America is going down a road that is leading to destruction. I refuse to ignore the suffering of people or stay quiet about the every day racism and bigotry. I don’t know why people choose to live in a fantasy land. It’s like standing in the way of an oncoming boulder while saying useless affirmations.

      2. It’s all going backwards . Some people love to live with their delusions . I do not live there but as a black female I can relate . Here is Barbados . It is not as extreme but people here love to just sweep things under the carpet

      3. Yup! To some degree it is everywhere. As a Black Woman I must speak up. Despite those who would love to see all Black People gone from America this is still my country. I’m not going to pick up and leave though many times over the last few months I wished that I could. Therefore I must do everything in my power to hopefully wake up the sleeping masses. Of course being Black in America really leaves me no choice so I write about what my experiences are. Maybe some enlightenment will come through.

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