8 thoughts on “Favorite Flower of the Day 

    1. He/She stood very still and I approached in silence with no sudden movements. So I got the picture. Also maybe the Butterflies at The Brooklyn Botanic Garden are used to people. Not sure but so happy to have gotten this Outstanding Stupendous photo!!

  1. You know, that’s really awesome seeing a Monarch butterfly such as that on a sunflower. Maybe they have milkweed around, for its larvae. Monarch butterflies are so beautiful, and rare to see now, because people destroy milkweed. You either see them from migration, or they’re lucky enough to have found a good breeding spot. That being said though, that garden there is doing a great job!

    1. Yes. So very True. Thanks go out to the Hardworking Dedicated Staff of the Brooklyn Botanic Garden and to the excellent people who work for the NYC Parks Dept. They are all doing a Great job. I’m Grateful for them. I was just so happy to have had that Monarch Butterfly moment! There seem to be many Monarch Butterflies flitting happily around the Brooklyn Botanic Garden. I’m sure the workers make it a place where Butterflies and birds feel Welcome.

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