The Oracle Speaks



The Oracle Speaks


The  masses follow false prophets/profits and naked Emperors bearing gifts of fools gold. Yet the one who has stood the test of time silently stands awaiting with faded hope for the tides to change.  Emperors oozing pus and blood leaving contamination desecrating sacred lands. Lavishly framed lies adorn a corpulent corpse.

Whilst distending belly’s cry out hunger pangs. EcleTrick forms of strangulation. Minefields populated by moronic maws spouting soiled vile sewer filth. Regurgitating carnage for breakfast.

Smudge. Sweep house. Sanctified Sweet Sage Do Your Work. Seer Circles unbroken.

Ancient ones shall have the last say.  Those who have an ear. Let them hear. Listen as the forest, woods, rocks and stones whisper cosmos secrets.

Pulling verses from the Akashic tribal scrolls.  Weaving braille dots upon stalwart stone.

The rocks cry out but who is listening.  Caught up in nondescript fluff. Know you not that even a found feather has a message to share? Pulling dreams and visions from limited senses. The Forest Speaks. The Forest yields. Ever sensitive to the clamber and clatter of hiking feet. Not tuned in but turned by external quests.

Once it was marching boots. Till Johnny came home. Till Custer had his day. Here is where the Blue and The Gray gave utterance. So many maimed, gutted and left by the roadside.

Oak, Fir, Spruce, Evergreen We have seen the dead from many a bloody battle and buried the fallen with our leaves and moss. Their blood coursing through multiple root systems transmitting nourishment and stories. The Griot speaks.

There will be no medals given here my friend. There will be No Medals given here. Only a few stones to mark the spot.

War. Riches man’s Fake bluster. False pride. Poor man’s duty.

Cassandra My Raven haired Fiery Sepia toned beauty. Who will believe your report?

There was wailing and weeping across the land Rachel sobbing for her children because they are nought.  The time of mourning is now at hand.

There is a Zephyr moving through the land.





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