Glowing, Glimmering and Grounding with Gaia

Grounding with Gaia

Today’s Forgiving Fridays: Wow A Big Decision!

Fortunately I have access to the backyard so I did a grounding ritual. Really informal. Basically I just sat down in one of the chairs, put on some easy breezy music, took off my sandals and connected directly to Mother Earth. Gaia has healing properties so walking barefoot in the grass or placing your chair in a sunny grassy area and planting your bare feet to the earth helps stabilize you.  The temps hit the 90s but the backyard is cooler thanks to the trees.  My trusty bottled water is always by my side. Staying hydrated is essential.  Sitting Sun Salutations are Fabulous!

I also conditioned my hair at the same time.  I applied the Red Palm Oil pictured below onto my hair and sat out in the Sun for a little over an hour.  Red Palm Oil has an earthy woodsy, roasted, smokey, nutty scent. Know that Red Palm Oil stains so when you do your Red Oil Hair Conditioning and Facial a little goes a long way. It stains. I wash out the Red Palm Oil in the kitchen sink which is stainless steel. So unless you want your clothing, floors and bathroom basin to be a orangery red color have lots of towels and wash clothes on hand.

Being that it was over 90 degrees outside these are optimal conditions for the Red Palm Oil, Coconut Oil, Jojoba Oil and Shea Butter to penetrate, soften and moisturize my hair and scalp producing excellent and wonderful results. Since it was so hot outside I wound up taking at least four or five showers. Refreshing!  Pampering myself is a good thing.


Purchased Sage from the Botanica. Then burnt the sage going from the upper to the lower floors and out the door to purify and cleanse the house removing negative energies.


Glow Worm – The Mills Brothers (Lyrics in Description)


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African Shea Butter





My view in our backyard


Connecting with Gaia

Renewing the African Goddess within


Red Palm Oil Deep Heat Conditioning

Here I am looking kinda crazy kooky!  LOL!!


Mills Brothers — The Glow Worm


12 thoughts on “Glowing, Glimmering and Grounding with Gaia 

    1. Yes last weekend was great! However in regards to the Grounding Mother Earth’s minions aka mosquitoes made a feast of my feet and ankles. Next time I will be sure to either keep my sandals on or wear socks! LOL!!

  1. I’m interested in the sage burning. How long have you been doing that? Where can I purchase some?

    I see you shea butter has mango in it. Do you like that better than the regular and does it add a sweeter aroma?

    1. Thanks. Last weekend was the first time I ever burned sage. I got my sage from the Botanica around the corner. Usually Botanicas are located in Communities of Color but I suppose you could purchase some on Amazon. Or just Google Botanicas for your area/zip code. Actually I had no idea that the Shea butter had mango in it until I got it home. However I like it just as well as the regular Shea Butter. I made a mixture of Shea Butter, Coconut Oil and Jojoba Oil to give it a creamier consistency and without having to heat the Shea butter which after several times might take any some of the nutrients and benefits. To me the Shea butters kinda all smell similar ~~ a nutty, woodsy, earthy fragrance.

      1. Ok, i will check in my area for the sage. Better yet, im in Detroit for the weekend , so they should have some here 😊I’m going to look into the red hair oil also. Right now, Jamaican Castor oil is my favorite. I’m all about pampering and moisturing.

        Like the saying goes, “Black don’t crack!” ✊🏾

      2. Amen!! LOL!! 🙂 😀 As Members of the MelaNation we don’t need to concern ourselves with lines and wrinkles. I do have some crinkles around my eyes but they mostly show up in the cold winter months. Other than that I believe my skin looks good for a 58 year old Woman. 🙂 I highly recommend ordering your Red Palm Oil from our African SiStar Juka Cessay. Ethically harvested and Juka cares about the environment and animals. She sells high quality products and I’m all for Buying Black and supporting Our people.

        I also use Jamaican Black Castor oil. Great stuff!! Your exercise routine will keep your skin fresh and healthy. I also drink lots of water and I get my exercise walking thanks to the New York City MTA subway trains breaking down or not running!! LOL!! Oh Joy! Ha! Ha!

  2. DeBorah, I love how you shared this grounding practice in your blog! This is an easy and blessed way to nurture yourself and reconnect to the magnificence of YOU. Thank you for contributing this for Forgiving Fridays … I experience your loving heart. About to share in a few minutes. Happy Forgiving Fridays DeBorah!!!

    1. Thanks Debbie. I’m outside in my backyard again today. Gratefully the weather is in the 80s unlike last weekend when it was 99 degrees in New York City.
      I am enjoying the summer weather.

      I applied the African Red Palm Oil to my hair and face as special moisture treatments.

      Since the mosquitoes like to feast on my feet not Grounding today. Just Sitting Sun Salutations.

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