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I’m the whitest minority I ever met.

Yesterday, at the Capitol in Sacramento, in honor of Bebe Moore Campbell Minority Mental Health Month, I spoke to legislators as an Autistic born into white culture.

quote-as-i-grow-older-part-of-my-emotional-survival-plan-must-be-to-actively-seek-inspiration-bebe-moore-campbell-72-9-0954I spoke as an Autistic person about my peers, my people, our community and Autistic culture; and communicated about needs of our no-served/underserved community, lack of resources for all Autistics and the utter devastation that our kids are facing upon adulthood.

Also, about how the cure culture robbed our community of the ability to be recognized as more than pathology and stigmatized stereotype — how the money raised by non-profits (Autism Speaks, yes you) to find the impossible cure was siphoned out of our communities ($220 million at least) and left us high-and-dry.

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5 thoughts on “Evolution of Eve | Autistics Recognized as a Minority and Race

  1. Hmm, there seems to be some confusion on my blog about me being racist. Interesting to note, since I very specifically defined myself as Autistic born into white culture — which is to day I can’t share any other viewpoint. I can’t share any other viewpoint than that — which is the goal of my blog, to share and amplify peer voice. Autistics are born into all cultures and I cannot speak about those experiences I’ve never had.

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