11 Cat Breeds That Love Water – Who Knew

Swimming Cats!! Who knew?? Happy CATURDAY!!

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Today’s guest post comes from Mike James:

11 Cat Breeds That Love Water – Who Knew

How does your cat feel about water? Does he like to get wet? Play in puddles? Take a bath? And the ultimate: Does your purry companion enjoy a swim in the pool now and again? By now, you’re probably sniggering into your morning cuppa at the very idea because we all know that cats hate water. Or do they?

Think about it – it’s normal for many Big Cats in the wild to treat lakes and rivers as part of their natural habitat. Tigers and jaguars, for instance, are excellent swimmers and often live near water. There’s even a ‘fishing cat’, a medium sized wild cat from West Bengal, that can often be seen hunting along the edges of watercourses, happy to dive in to catch prey and swim long distances.

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2 thoughts on “11 Cat Breeds That Love Water – Who Knew

    1. Sylvester hates the water. It is even difficult for me to get him to drink from his water bowl! He will not be a candidate for the swimming competition in the next summer Olympics!! LOL!! 🙂 😀

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