While there is still time: I am speaking to you


Now if only all those gigantic humongous mutant rats running along near the Brooklyn Broadway Junction subway stations would find some other neighborhood to infest!

9 thoughts on “While there is still time: I am speaking to you

    1. The rats seem to take over the subway especially at night. They are on the tracks and sometimes up on the platforms also. The other night I was walking home and I had to walk in the street to avoid them because they were running along the street like they own it! Rats are in nearly every neighborhood. There are probably more rats than people in New York City !

      1. The city puts out rat poison traps. The subway stations are also hosed down and cleaned at night but people throw trash onto the tracks and inside the train so the rats have plenty to eat.
        Sad to say many homeless and mentally ill people live in the subways.
        Also most of the rats I see are way bigger than my cat Sylvester and he is a big kitty.

      2. Usually they hide during the day and come out at night. Being that I ride the train at night I keep my eyes peeled for both the 2 & 4 legged ones! Look up Pizza Rat on YouTube. Good for laughs.

      3. Gah…that guy is talking to the rat as if it’s a clever pet. I know they’re smart but I’d freak out, truly. Take great care of yourself 😦

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