Celebrating Sister Moon







Two Men Contemplating the Moon_Friedrich
Two Men Contemplating the Moon Caspar David Friedrich (German, Greifswald 1774–1840 Dresden)

Celebrating Sister Moon

The Power of Mother Luna  ~~ Moon Goddess




Here is some information about the Heavenly Constellations!!








I was born Feb. 27th therefore my Moon Sign is Pisces the Fishes.

One day I shall return through my Star Gate and re-enter my galaxy!









7 thoughts on “Celebrating Sister Moon

  1. Thank you for all those songs again! I listened to them when you left them at my post. Blue moon… I won’t get it out of my head. We both seem to love the night sky. Whenever I can I gaze at the stars and at the few constellations I know, for example the Orion! Magical!

      1. Oh, you say it: mystical! It is an amazing feeling to realize how small we actually are but at the same time important enough for having our place in this world. It is positively overwhelming at times!

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