In Like Flynn!! Web Access has Returned!!


Thanks to my kind and understanding landlord my room-mate and I are now back in business.  Happy to say that I will be posting using my laptop which is a lot easier than trying to on my little bitty Samsung Galaxy cell phone screen!! LOL!!  🙂   😀

Not to totally diss my baby Samsung because adding photos to my posts is a lot easier on the Samsung Cell phone than on the laptop.  My cell phone has the ability to grab my photos straight from my Google Photos cloud. Now why I can’t do that on the laptop I’ve yet to figure out.

When you’re in a hurry sometimes one does not like experimenting with with our computers, laptops, tablets or cell phones but if you calm yourself, have some extra time or if all you have is one choice it behooves one to go with the flow. Getting angry and screaming at our various electronic devices does not and will not work. Those of you who have children whether teenagers or adult kids have an advantage as the Millennials are born computer wizards. Since I never married I don’t have kids so my Baby Boomer brain must figure out these things on my own.

Now because of my limited Internet Web access during the past week and adjusting to my new job schedule I know I am behind on viewing and answering everyone’s blog posts. Please continue to bear with me.  I have over 350 email messages to answer. Some may get deleted as I must devote time to other pursuits. Please forgive me. Thank you.

For those of you under 50 who are wondering what kind of expression is “In Like Flynn” here is an explanation. Relating to the late actor Errol Flynn. However I’m just using it in regards to Internet Web access not the sexual exploits that Mr. Flynn later became infamous for during his lifetime. So in terms of my usage it just means Good Fortune.

in like flynn

19 thoughts on “In Like Flynn!! Web Access has Returned!!

    1. Mine is great! I have been considering upgrading but then an article came out in the newspapers that the new models catch fire and blow up!! Really don’t want a hand grenade for a cell phone!! :O

      1. LMAO! Got that right! I have an S6 edge+ right now, but wouldn’t mind having the S7 edge+. It’s the S7 Note that catches fire; I don’t need a big “phablet” which the Note is – so if you upgrade, sticking with the phones should be a safe option. What model do you currently have?

      2. That’s not a bad phone at all – my hubby has a 6, also. At least the screens are decently-sized! Still, I prefer blogging on my computer; I think that you prefer the computer as well! Phones are for calling and texting, maybe email now and then…that’s my not-so-humble opinion, LOL

      3. Yes cell phones main job is phone calls and texting. Also checking my email. Yes I did create blogs using the WordPress app for Android on my cell phone but I would not want to keep that up. It works but does not have the flexibility of the regular WordPress on our Laptops and PCs.

  1. Congratulation…
    I m sitting here with my T as usual in the morning. It´ s 8am and icy-cold outside (just fed Baaxxter, my dod&best friend).
    Actually I live in Germany and with my little schoolenglish I`m learning to comuicate in English, because I have many readers in other countries.
    My current article I tried in English and German, because I want to change…
    If you like, read my last articles (all in English..):
    Have a sunny Sunday!!
    LoL PJP (Jürgen is my real name).

  2. Yeay! I’m glad for you. I’m (hopefully) commenting on your good news on my Galaxy S3 (I use as a tablet and restrict the Galaxy Core Prime for calls & texting). I hope we find a good solution out on the ranch soon too. Happy for you!

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