Donald Trump Plans to Deport Up to 3 Million Immigrants — TIME

President-elect Donald Trump said he plans to deport about two to three million undocumented immigrants, speaking in a pre-taped interview that will air Sunday night. “What we are going to do is get the people that are criminal and have criminal records, gang members, drug dealers, we have a lot of these people—probably two million,…

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21 thoughts on “Donald Trump Plans to Deport Up to 3 Million Immigrants — TIME

  1. I just heard that on the news here in the UK…first the disaster of Brexit over here, now this! What has happened to human compassion? The world…here, there and everywhere is in a racist spiral such that it breaks this old heart. Glad you posted this young lady. Well done.

      1. It will be sad here in the UK also. Since the June referendum in favour of Brexit racist violence ha gone mad. We are both in the same boat. Whatever best of good fortune to you…one day the sun might shine again.

      1. I am 70 and am ready to leave London and live in a remote French village. I oversee the care of my 95 year old Mother – the only thing stopping me at the moment. Hang in there and hang together. Janet.

      2. Many Americans are moving to Canada. I am 57. My brother Stephen is 55 he has autism so neither one of us is going anywhere.
        WE can’t leave. HOPEFULLY this suffering will only last four years then the sunshine will return.

      3. Four years is a long time with someone like DT….he and his henchmen can do a lot of damage in that time. Remember there are millions and millions of that don’t want him anywhere near the White House….we need to stick together. We carers must also stick together:)

      4. He is in there for four years. He can’t be fired or dismissed.
        No matter what Americans think we’re stuck with him and his policies like or not. THERE is nothing we can do. I can’t even get the help I need at work and I belong to a Union.
        What management says goes even if it hurts me or my family. I need my job.
        Trump is in charge and no amount of complaining will change that.

      5. Good morning…so very true. Somehow we have to live with this mess – and I say we…because it is now a Global mess because Trump has so much power. I am afraid the extreme right is getting more powerful by the day – in many countries..including the UK. Trump gives all the racists and bigots permission to keep spewing out their garbage. I lived and worked in the States for 28 years from 1966 to 1993, when I returned to UK/Europe and one of the reasons I came back was I hated the fact there was no National Health system in the US – and I could never understand the racism or a system based on how much money you have. Sadly, that is now happening here in the UK…money rules and with Brexit for the first time that I can remember, there are racial undertones even here. OK…on a brighter note, try to enjoy the day…Janet

      6. This is so sad but true. Too bad he can’t be fired but after thinking about what you said in a previous comment I’m starting a fundraising campaign to help the organizations that care for my brother Stephen and other adults with Autism. I feel I have to do something other than complain so I’m promoting both AABR and QCP which provide services for developmentally disabled adults and children. Please take a look at my Share My World post and promote to all your networks. Thank you!! Have a Great day and week!! ❤

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