Gastro Drama and the Holidays



Well after this week’s USA nation-wide election drama it is time to focus back in my own personal health drama. My Gastro Doctor put me on a low-fiber diet. I do notice a difference. Certain vegetables, legumes and wheat do seem to set my stomach off in the wrong direction. I still have not picked up the solution and tummy meds from Walgreens mainly because when I went on Monday they did not have them.
By the time the medicine and solution came in I had to go to work. There is no way I’m getting off the subway train at Nostrand and Fulton just to pick up all this junk then try to get back on the train going home after standing 8 hours at work.  The New York City Subway system is over 112 years old and getting worse in terms of running properly day by day.  A 45 minute train ride can take up to 2 hours.
Usually once I’m on the train there is no getting off. Looks like I will be rescheduling these stupid G.I. tests for another time since I cannot take days off next week just to spend 1 day drinking nasty solution, have the procedure then report to work the next day. Impossible. Plus they actually expect you to have someone take you home after the procedure!! Huh! Come on! Most people my age work. I can’t get days off and neither can they nor do they live near me that should be responsible for me getting home safely.
Anyway I would not ask somebody to do that for me. I’ve gotten myself home from various hospital E.R.s at all hours of the day and night by myself in various states of medical distress with no help so when the time comes I can do it again. I’m used to this.  Back in November 7, 2008 I had a minor stroke. Called my cousin thinking for sure that he would pick me up to take me home. I had lost vision in my left eye. Did he come for me at the hospital? Nope!  He decided it would be more fun to take his then girlfriend out on the town!  Go figure. That’s why I don’t rely on people and rarely ask for help.  Real Life.
Also my finances are getting on an even keel. I’m starting to become more financially stable so I’m not going to risk that by missing days of work for some dumb tests. I like paying my rent and bills. I’m feeling more comfortable about my money situation. As long as I can do overtime all will be well.

Fun Stuff

The only exception I made in terms of train hopping was for my vitamin shot yesterday. That’s easy. It can be done after work. No problems. No issues. Simple. Easy Breezy. Love it. 
Also looking forward to Celebrating Thanksgiving with Stephen and some of our New Jersey cousins. Looking into getting tickets for at least one perhaps two holiday shows. We don’t do Black Friday or as I like to call it Broke Friday!! LOL!!  🙂   😀

Entertainment Possibilities

The Hard Nut  a take-off or satire of the Nutcracker

BAM (Brooklyn Academy of Music)

Radio City Music Hall

The Rockettes. Nope! I’ve never seen them perform. Perhaps this will be my year!!


Barclays Center


These photos are from a few years ago when Stephen helped save the Marvel Comics Universe with his trusty sword.

My brother Stephen Vincent Palmer!!  Super Autism Dude!! Awesome Autism Guy!!