A long journey of many small steps… Coming home from Trump 

I have my health care dramas which may get worse during the Drump season. My brother Stephen has Autism. What about us?

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We are facing a long journey of many small steps.

The victory of Donald Trump has left us trying to make sense of the senseless, hurt, feeling scared and angry….. trying to decide what to do or if it still makes any sense to do anything at all. Many feel fundamentally betrayed but pointing fingers offers little relief or clarity. I honestly don’t think even Donald Trump thought he would win and was more focused on the drama of how he would react to a loss than anything. Yet with all that he will soon be our president.

I, like many of you, did not think he could win. He seemed so manifestly unqualified…. too unstable, of questionable values and integrity, lacking knowledge, skills and expertise. He was not simply a bad candidate, but a dangerous candidate. A lot of people thought and still think he will destroy this country.

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