14 thoughts on “Thought for the day. 

      1. Oh…Thank you DeBorah! What a sweet note to receive first thing this morning! In a life that is so busy it means so much to reach out and touch someone the way you did today. Thank you for your beautiful support ♡ Have a super wonderful weekend!!

      2. Thank you for such a wonderful, affirming view of me! I honestly have tears in my eyes…you have touched my heart. To be seen in such a way, after hiding who I am for most of my life, feels really good! Wishing you lots of love and light, DeBorah…hope you have today off and can enjoy yourself! ♡

    1. I hope my story will take me into my 80s or at least my 70s. Last Friday I attended a Wake/Viewing for my friend who died at age 58 only a year older than me. Both my parents died in their 60s so Yes I do hope and pray that God will allow me to live a Long Healthy Life!!

    1. Thanks. I’m not much on cooking, recipes and especially desserts since I have high blood pressure, I’m pre-diabetic and have food allergies. I’m very careful in what I eat.

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