Love Can Build a Bridge


I’m participating in a discussion on race relations with two other women bloggers one Black one white.  These are my thoughts thus far. I’m starting in Media Res.

For my American Followers and Subscribers I want you to really think and consider those of us who are not white and who have helped build this country over the last 400 years then go to the polls and VOTE!!

If only more people were open minded and accepting. I’m fortunate to work in a multi-cultural environment and live in a diverse city, New York. Over the years I’ve had to let go of my old hard line dogmatic religious beliefs as I’ve met and gotten to know people of other races. Now I have friends who are Hindu, Buddhist, Muslim as well as Jewish and Christian friends. I know if I had been born in those countries my belief system would have been different.

Who am I to say who is better or best when I worship a Jewish Carpenter.

I agree when you say that some whites don’t want to understand. I work for a museum in an upper class rich and wealthy neighborhood and the days following the two Black men who were slain this past summer as I stood in the galleries I could not understand how these white people families women with children could smile, laugh and joke while so many Black families were and still are in mourning. Then it dawned on me. Black people dying is in a separate world. Not of their circle. For them Blacks only exist as servants, maids, Nannies, Home Health care workers, MTA (Transit) workers,  Janitors or security guards like myself. We clean floors, bathrooms, drive the buses and subways, mind their kids but outside of that sphere we don’t exist as human beings.  More and more as time goes on I get the distinct impression that white America wants to return to the days of slavery or at least Jim Crow. Something my mother, grandparents and great grandparents went through. There hope was that life would be better for my brother and me.

At least not to most white Americans. We are stereotypes and caricatures not real people. The particular neighborhood where I work is located in what is called the “Gold Coast” of Manhattan. Doorman apartments and upper class private schools. These people make a show of voting for Obama and Hillary Clinton however the comments I and my co-workers of color must endure reveal their underlying beliefs as concerns race. I wear a uniform that represents my museum yet white people consistently think I’m either a drug dealer or sex worker??!! How?? What?? Why?? It never occurs to them in a million years that I am a college graduate and an U.S. Army Veteran and so are many of my co-workers who are not only brilliant but multi-lingual who have taken a job well below our intellect and skills due to the economy, ageism and the road blocks of racism to better employment opportunities. We do these jobs to feed our families, pay our bills, educate our children, take care of our parents, buy homes, etc….  Keep in mind that immigrants of All Colors built this country. Fought and died for this country!!

If only I could be seen as a unique human being created by God but I know I will never see that in my lifetime. I never married nor had children but I hope and pray future generations get past and/or never experience some of the racism, discrimination or bigotry that is my every day life.

As one who is descended from African, European and Native American roots I leave you with this song.

I cry when I hear this song and I cry for my country. My country that does not want me. My country whose white citizens constantly tell me “Why don’t you go back to Africa?”  How can I return to a place I’ve never been?? Why don’t the contributions of my ancestors count? Also part of me is Native American so actually This is My Country!! Yes white America this is my country whether you like it or not and I’m not leaving.  Think on this song then make your decision Tuesday, November 8th Election Day


The Judds – Love Can Build a Bridge


Veterans Day for Americans is coming November 11th. Please keep in mind All the Veterans of Color who have served this country been loyal and faithful to this country only to be slapped in the face by our government and its citizens!!

Thanks goes out to the Navajo Code Talkers, The Japanese-American troops during World War II, Hispanic-Americans, Jewish-Americans and Arab Americans and those who are currently serving yet being ridiculed!!

Thank you Mr. Khan, your wife and family who gave the most!!


Khan Family Full Speech at DNC | Muslim Soldier’s Parents Challenge Trump



16 thoughts on “Love Can Build a Bridge

  1. People as a whole live in a bubble
    they hear but don’t listen
    They are only effected
    When what is happening
    Directly effects their world
    or their environment
    If there son or daughter died
    Their whole Dynamic would change
    It’s a race problem well as a people problem
    The Sheldon Perspective

  2. Powerful experiences and insights about discrimination and building bridges of understanding and inclusiveness, and so eloquently described, Espiritu en Fuego. And, I love the song and videos. ❤

  3. You nailed it here…10,000%

    I also have African, Native American, and European ancestry – so hating others would be like hating myself. I can’t do it. I won’t do it.

    But, I sure am angry today. What little faith and hope I had in, and for, my fellow human beings has gone completely down the drain.

    It’s going to be a long four years…

    1. I’m still in shock. Part of me is hoping this is a bad dream and I will wake up but in reality the nightmare has only just begun. Maybe he will choke on his on psychotic vomit.

      Learning that Trump was elected President was like climbing a mountain then slipping losing your foothold and free-falling into a giant chasm or abyss. This will either bring our country together or tear it apart. Let’s hope it brings us all together as Americans and that we don’t lose the United in USA.

      1. I agree. You were in the military and fought for this country, just as my father, uncle, brother, brother-in-law, and many other did. You fought for unity, justice, and equality – not for the hate that this disgusting racist, xenophobic, misogynist sociopath stands for.
        It boggles my mind that people have basically justified the election of a man who is supported by the KKK.
        I guess people wanted to “take the country back” to the 1950s…and have succeeded. It’s sad and sickening, but it is the reality we live in today.
        He wasn’t the first racist to hold the office of Commander-in-Chief…sadly, he won’t be the last, either.

      2. Thanks. The thing is if you dance to the music. You gotta pay to the piper. They drank the Kool-Aid. He sold the racists and bigots a bill of goods. When they realize that he cannot fulfill his promises then they will realize too late that they’ve been had.

      3. The thing is, the racists and bigots won’t care…they’re just glad that the White House is “white” again.
        They couldn’t stand the fact that a Black man was President of the United States for eight years. This election is their spite-filed, petty, pitiful act of ‘revenge.’
        It’s always been too easy for politicians to fool the masses and get people to vote against their own best interests. It’s a damned shame.

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